Announcing the Sixth IASA World Congress
Oceans Apart: In Search of New Wor(l)ds
Szczecin, Poland, 3-6 August 2013

America. America. AmeRICA. The Americas. A mythologized New World, oceans apart from the Old, yet not a day younger. America: a projection that first obliterated and then replaced the reality of the dual continent before its existence, rhetorically undone, could be acknowledged. Re-textualized anew before they could be explored and exploited, contemporary Americas have since become a complex palimpsest: the oldest text barely visible from under the plethora others, inscribed upon the erasure of previous ones.
Americas’ “vertical” histories are constantly being added: with every passing year, the palimpsest transforms by the power of “horizontal” discourses of history rolling across the oceans to the landmasses of the world: to Americas, across Americas, and from Americas again. It is the transoceanic dynamics of history that the debate proposed focuses upon.
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