Past IASA Conferences

IASA 5th World Congress 2011 at Universidade Federal Fluminese, Rio di Janeiro

America with its multiple narratives, landscapes, languages, and experiences, projects itself in time like a mosaic in movement: a mosaic of cartographies imagined over time and projected in the descriptions of travelers and scientists, in fiction and poetry, in the discourses of politicians and activists, and in the images of photographers, artists, and filmmakers. The 5th IASA World Conference proposes to be a space for debating how different communities form senses of Americanness, originating from places of knowledge, politics, art, memory, and lived experience, where a possible "America" may be configured. Possible foci include imagination and images, memory and community, geographies of power, time and Americanness, routes and ´scapes´, traditions in perspective and possible modernities.


IASA 4th World Congress 2009 at Beijing Foreign Studies University

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IASA 3rd World Congress 2007 at University of Lisbon

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IASA 2nd World Congress 2005 at University of Ottawa

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IASA 1st World Congress 2003 at University of Leiden

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